Flow-it, Space-it

Can you actually organize your life better with digital tools?

I’ve decided tactile post-its works best for planning and getting the overview, and it’s easily also a tool the make an I-did-list from the notes you move to what you finished.


With digital tools, a lot of great ideas get buried, and the simple act of moving a post-it across a visual board is very kinesthetic. I’ve also noticed that teams have better discussions when they’re around a physical board.

via Project Manage Your Life – HBR.

For researching and organizing my research writing I just started using Letterspace. Hashtag-filtering and seamless syncing across devices with Icloud makes it super useful!

Swipe. Edit. Note.



Tricked Self

Sometimes when I look at my own Instagram stream I arrest myself thinking; I wish this was MY life.

Amelia Ulman Excellences and Perfection (2014) was a social media performance, where the Instagram portion of the performance evoked a consumerist fantasy lifestyle, through use of sets, props and locations.

Ona Artist explores Onas:  virtual profiles or presences through which a person seeks to share, sell, or hook up online, and the Ona Generation: a new ageless, auto-erotic, DIY, multi-personified online generation changing the world one share at a time.

From The Ona Generation by http://onaartist.com/


She has some really interesting ways of describing an ageless generation circle jerking with virtual genitals to be liked, with distinct multi-personas operating on platforms with different rules.

Both projects where discoverd on New Hive, a multimedia publishing platform which also supports creators with Commissioned Projects, Interview Series and Events & Exhibitions.

In “Are You “Internet Sexual”? Emily Witt explores if tech has created a whole new sexual persuasion. Is there a new mode of sexual expression in the context of mass intimacy on the internet, where being sexual is a bold and risky form of performance?

Playing with identities and showing any part of yourself that you want is part of the online culture. At times it´s important to have a look at one´s own stream and reflect over what we share and why. Would you recognize your life from the outside? 


In Experimental Publishing Studio, Paul Soulellis has created a a series of performing self-publishing excercises exploring what publishing is today and if posting is (always) publishing:


– in saying nothing explore the possibility of medium to carry their own messages


– how are copies both same/not same?


 – can you alter the expectations of your network?


 – what is lost/gained in translation?


 – create tensions between seen/unseen


– develop work based on a manifesto and it´s suggested methodology